EYE OPENER - THE BOOK became best-seller in Slovakia without spending no money on marketing or advertising.

EYE OPENER - THE BOOK has been reviewed or supported by scientific information by 20 experts from all around the globe like:

-       Daniela Cechova, psychologist, President of International Association of Individual Psychology
-       William R. Miller, psychologist, Quantum Change, (inspirator of Wayne Dyer's movie The Shift), USA
-       Jaroslav Zverina, MD, chairman of Association of Sexology of Czech Medical Association, Czech Republic
-       Mantak Chia, grandmaster of TAO, author of 50+ books, Founder of Universal Tao Garden, Thailand
-       Madan Kataria, MD, founder of Laughter yoga (100+ countries worldwide), India
-       Prof. Katarina Horakova, biology professor, nutrition expert, author of 13 books, Slovakia
-       Diana Richardson, tantric sex expert, bestselling author of 8th books (incl. Amazon's Bestseller Nr.1), South Africa
-       Dave Potter, psychologist, founder of Palousemindfulness, USA
-       Sandeep Shah, ayurvedic doctor, holder of Atreya Award from North-American Association of Ayurveda professionals, India
-       Ildiko Lichvarova, MD, (2x MD University study), Slovakia
-       Dr. Omanand Ji, founder of Paramanand Institute od Yoga science, author of 38 books, India
-       Mykola Perch, MD, 2x PhD (medicine, yoga), USA
-       and many more...

in 2021 EYE OPENER - THE BOOK 1 is coming at least in ENGLISH, HINDI, ITALIAN & CZECH language.
in 2021 EYE OPENER - THE BOOK 2 will be published in SLOVAK language

For EYE OPENER - THE BOOK 2 we got on board special reviewer and supporter:
-       Ass. Prof. Sat Bir Khalsa, researcher, expert on sleep, Harvard University, India

All this experts reviewed EYE OPENER - THE BOOK without any requirements from us, on Pro Bono base.